The Creators of the Machinarium Have Introduced a New Game Phonopolis

The Creators of the Machinarium Have Introduced a New Game Phonopolis

The adventures of the Czech studio Amanita Design have so far managed to present significant stories in a two-dimensional character. Machinarium, Botanicula, and Samorost are just some of them. The Czechs will continue to stick to the point’n’click genre in the future but will change the environment as they are currently working on a game with 3D graphics.

The new title will be called Phonopolis and will be a puzzle adventure with elements of exploration. It will be decorated with hand-drawn graphics and music by Tomas Dvorak, who has been collaborating with Amanita Design on their games for years.

Phonopolis will be a story of manipulation and individualism in a dystopian world. Players will take on the role of young Felix who fights against the totalitarian regime of a great leader. The dictator in question invented a system of loudspeakers that send subconscious commands to citizens and turn them into one the obedient social machine. The plot of the game draws inspiration from avant-garde movements such as constructivism and futurism, and their social significance as a tool of propaganda.

Phonopolis is in development for PC and other platforms. The release date has not been announced, and the developer says the game is at least a year away from release.

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