New Gameplay Video for the Gotham Knights

New Gameplay Video for the Gotham Knights

The above is not a new map in Fortnite, but a new depiction of the Gotham Knights. In the 13-minute clip, we have a chance to see the gameplay with Nightwing and Red Hood (Batgirl and Robin have been shown before). The fight, the chase for the vehicle, the movement through Gotham City itself, and the exploration of the main base are shown.

The recent rumor that the game will have extended co-op gameplay has also been denied. It is said that the Gotham Knights will be able to play alone or in pairs, ie. with another player over the internet.

The game looks solid, albeit with a standard limit (no one on the street). But the news has arrived that a good part of the audience may not like, and it concerns the versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Although it was announced that we will play Gotham Knights on these platforms as well, it has now been confirmed that the PS4 and XBO versions have been canceled. The game will only be released in PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series versions.

It was also revealed that there will be three editions of the game - it will cost $ 80 as standard. The deluxe edition of $ 100 will bring costumes from the Batman Beyond animated series and some smaller accessories. The collector's edition of $ 300 will bring a map of Gotham City, a diorama with statuettes of four main characters, an album of 16-page conceptual drawings, and a badge with an augmented reality component.

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