Demonstration of Unreal Engine 5 Graphics Capabilities

Demonstration of Unreal Engine 5 Graphics Capabilities

Unreal Engine 5 has already been demonstrated several times and we have experienced it on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles. It's no secret that this engine is currently renowned for next-generation graphics and can deliver really attractive and realistic scenes. But while previous demonstrations were mostly done in the third person, where it is obvious that it is a virtual world, now a short demonstration of Unreal 5 from a first-person perspective has appeared and in a short time, it managed to go beyond gamers.

Freelance developer Lorenzo Drago toyed with Unreal Engine 5 and created an imitation of a train station in Toyama, Japan. He made the whole thing even more realistic by using VR to simulate a camera, i.e. the way the camera shakes when held in the hands. And really, the whole thing looks almost like the real world, primarily thanks to the lighting system and the textures that were scanned directly at the train station.

How then do we know that it is not an actual recording, but Unreal Engine 5? As you will notice in the video, at one point the scene abruptly changes the mood and changes from day to tonight.

Many will then ask the question: will the games look like this? The answer is - will and will not. Interestingly, not all technologies developed for Unreal Engine 5 are used in this demonstration, so in that context, it can be said that future games will look even better than this. On the other hand, it should be taken into account that this is a static scene of still life, without any moving elements and the like. Each action in the game has its “price” from a technical point of view, so as realistic as this may seem, it probably won’t look so realistic for a while to include hundreds of moving characters in the scene.

Of course, not every game has to have action and a bunch of characters around the player. If nothing else, this footage is a good demonstration of the potential that Unreal Engine 5 has for research games and horror themes. Looking at this it’s hard not to wish for some sort of Silent Hill with this level of visual presentation.

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