The free shooter The Cycle: Frontier arrives early next month

The free shooter The Cycle: Frontier arrives early next month

Three years ago, we had the opportunity to try The Cycle for the first time, a shooter in PvEvP format. Later in the development studio, they decided to change the concept a bit and announced The Cycle: Frontier, a game we’ve been playing for free since June 8, when the preseason begins.

Frontier will be so different in the way they come to the planet, so instead of waiting for players to be able to visit Fortune III, now it's a matter of instances, that is, we can always go there. Although the game is still in PvEvP format, now the concept is more reminiscent of Escape From Tarkov as it needs to be successfully returned to the space station to preserve everything we picked up below.

Some of the elements we saw in The Cycle will still be present, but it’s mostly more about resources, weapons, etc. Everything else is practically brand new.

It should also be noted that The Cycle: Frontier will be available on Steam along with the Epic version, and the first season will arrive two weeks after the start of the pre-season. Specifically, the real release of the game is June 22, but all those who start earlier will have the opportunity to buy starter packs 25% cheaper if they want to support the game.

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