The Quarry Introduces the Death Rewind Mechanics

The Quarry Introduces the Mechanics Death Rewind

We recently learned that the upcoming horror game The Quarry will have a mode in which there will be no gaming, just watching. But in case you decide to play, and you don’t have the right survival instinct to keep your characters alive, the developers will offer you an option called Death Rewind. As the name suggests, it is the possibility of rewinding time, ie undoing the death that happens to you.

Some horror fans will immediately say that Death Rewind will ruin the tension of the game itself, but the good news is that there will be some limitations related to that option. For starters, Death Rewind Mechanics won’t be able to be used in the first gameplay unless you purchase the more expensive Deluxe edition of the game.

Furthermore, when mechanics are enabled, you will not be able to use them forever. In one play, it will be possible to use it a maximum of three times, and each time the player will return to the crucial moment before the character dies to make a different decision. While some will see this as an option for a kind of cheating, the thing itself is not much different from “cheating” in the form of re-crossing the story when you already know the good or bad outcomes.

Just eliminating or keeping the main characters in the game will be the main attraction of The Quarr, considering that the developer promises us seven characters to shape our destiny and 168 variations at the end of the story.

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