The new Minecraft game will be a totally different genre

The new Minecraft game will be a totally different genre

The main game from the Minecraft franchise is the sandbox-survival-crafting type of game. But Minecraft as a series has already expanded to other genres. We had such a narrative adventure Minecraft: Story Mode, then an isometric RPG Minecraft Dungeons, and briefly an augmented reality game Minecraft Earth (before it was shut down). According to unofficial information, two more spin-off games of the Minecraft series are in development, and now we have the first details about one of them.

Journalist Jeff Gerstmann, who left the Giant Bomb portal this week (as one of its co-founders), revealed on his stream that he saw a Minecraft game that resembles a real-time strategy, namely an RTS title.

But it doesn’t seem like it’s a classic RTS with an aerial view of the terrain. Namely, Gerstmann states that in "strategic Minecraft" the player controls the main unit on the field, a kind of general, and issues orders to other units with a third-person camera. It is also mentioned that the game has a story and directed (cut) scenes.

Gerstmann says he doesn't know if this strategic Minecraft spin-off will be announced this Sunday at Xbox's presentation of new games, but it seems to him that the game is at a sufficiently advanced stage of development that it could soon be presented to the public.

The idea of ​​Minecraft in the form of RTS existed back in 2019 when one of the developers of Moyang made a prototype of the RTS game and called it Minecraft Tactics. While that prototype has nothing to do with the game we're supposed to get, here's what it looked like three years ago:

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