Prototype - On This Day

Prototype - On This Day

Manhattan was largely controlled by Spider-Man in video games. But the spider from the neighborhood took the annual in 2009 so chaos in the city was waged by antihero Alex Mercer. He was the protagonist of the game Prototype, an action-adventure in which New York was a battleground between mutants and the military.

A prototype was one of those games of the so-called parkour wave. Although it came out after Assassin’s Creed, InFamous, and Mirror’s Edge, running around buildings and jumping on rooftops in this title was no less fun. Moreover, the Prototype is remembered as a game of diverse mechanics and fun powers.

The player did not necessarily have to be bloodthirsty and violent towards civilians, but he also had a choice. The game was primarily action-oriented, but there was also a bit of Hitman's hiding, that is, infiltrating military bases by taking over soldiers.

Although New York was the point of the epidemic in this game, a city with famous buildings and landmarks, such as the Trump building, the obligatory Empire State Building, etc., could still be recognized in all this.

The prototype was well received by both audiences and critics. The development of the sequel, which came out in 2012, started immediately but was somewhat weaker. In 2015, we also got the Prototype HD Biohazard Bundle, but it was pretty bad and not worth mentioning.

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