Rockstar is now focused on GTA 6, giving up on GTA 4 and RDR remaster?

Rockstar is now focused on GTA 6, giving up on GTA 4 and RDR remaster?

While we are all waiting for the first concrete information about GTA 6, rumors are circulating on the Internet about internal thoughts at Rockstar Games.

The latest gossip comes to us from a well-known, but not always completely reliable, the leaker who goes by the name Tez2 on Twitter.

His sources tell him that Rockstar has been seriously considering making remastered versions of the first Red Dead Redemption and the GTA 4 for some time. The plan was reportedly to start with the GTA Trilogy remaster, see how it goes, and then start working on the RDR1 and GTA 4 remasters.

Since the GTA Trilogy was a disaster, Rockstar has now abandoned the idea of developing the other two remasters and shifted full focus to what we are all waiting for - GTA 6.

After Tez2 posted that narrative on Twitter, he confirmed the whole thing to Kotaku, saying that they too had heard the same information from their sources. They added that this does not mean that the development of RDR and GTA 4 remasters will never happen, but that they are still possible, but only after the release of GTA 6.

Of course, all this should be taken with a grain of salt, but it's nice to hope that we will hear some concrete information about GTA 6 maybe even sooner than we thought.

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