Metro: Last Light free to download

Metro Last Light

About a week ago, the phenomenal shooter Metro 2033 was shared on Epic. If you liked it, here's the good news - the sequel is shared at another address - Good Old Games. The continuation of the saga about the survivors of Moscow who sought refuge from the nuclear holocaust in the subway continues to operate with motives of human and supernatural evil. 

The first is embodied in the factions the station-states that have formed in the metro network: neo-Nazis, communists, and other extremists are fighting for supremacy against each other, while supernatural forces and mutants are blowing into their pumpkins. For those who have read the books, it should be noted that Last Light has almost nothing to do with its literary follower ("Metro 2034"), but is an original fiction that Gluhovski will publish as "Metro 2035". 

Is the game as good as the first part? Objectively no, but it's free, so who cares. On the timer that counts down to the end of the action, at the time of writing these lines, it is 37h. If you have an account on GoG, hurry to its page, scroll down two, and follow the instructions. 

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