The first gameplay video for STALKER 2 is shown

STALKER 2 Gameplay

The end of the year was also marked by the arrival of a completely new trailer for the long-awaited S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2.

The trailer comes as short gameplay footage showing the environments that will exist in the game through the eyes of the protagonist Skiff. The developer of GSC Game World wanted to show with the trailer what the game world will look like and how it will feel to the players. Based on this short video created within the game's engine, we can see the rapidly changing environment, the eerie landscape, and the constant presence of danger in the Zone.

STALKER 2 had its presentation earlier this year, at Microsoft's special event, where it was also made official that STALKER 2 will be an Xbox console exclusive (for a while) and will appear for PC at the same time.

The release date is currently unknown, but it is expected sometime during 2021. From other information we received a couple of months ago, we single out the fact that STALKER 2 will work at 120 FPS and will have ray-tracing support on the Xbox Series X.

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