Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony work together for safer online Gaming

Three major companies, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, have sidelined rivalry to provide a safer online gaming experience to their customers. They presented a set of common principles that should enable safe online gaming for younger users. This makes it clear that no forms of online player abuse will be tolerated. Hatred, harassment, and exploitation of younger players must not have their place in the gaming industry.

Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony safer online Gaming

For starters, the companies have promised to provide tools to prevent such behavior, which will offer easy adjustment of parameters, security tools that will be easy to use, as well as systemic measures that will prevent it before it happens. To make this possible, companies will work with states, law enforcement, and industry partners, and will make a set of clear rules and guidelines on how to report such behavior.

This will not bring any radical changes in the strategies of the mentioned companies. They already have their forms of parental control and rules regarding protection. However, this joint initiative also aims to harmonize these rules and eliminate any inconsistencies that may arise between individual player rights protection policies.

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