Nvidia is reportedly developing a 5nm GPU architecture codenamed Lovelace

Nvidia 5nm GPU Lovelace

For some time now, information has been appearing that after the Ampera, Nvidia's next GPU architecture will be called Hopper. However, according to the latest rumors, the company may have redesigned its publication plan.

The information was published by @WildCracks, and they suggest that the new architecture will be named Lovelace (after the British mathematician Adi Lovelace). The new architecture will use a monolithic design and will be based on a 5nm manufacturing process.

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There is some confusion when it comes to the next 5nm architecture because Nvidia internally uses “ADxxx” when talking about the new architecture, while externally it is called Lovelace.

The Hopper GPU architecture, according to new details, is also expected in the 5nm process but arrives after Lovelace. The architecture will use MCM (multi-chip design), but it is not known whether it will be available in the mainstream market or will be just an HPC product. 

Source: KitGuru

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