What does the new CS: GO operation bring - Broken Fang

CS: GO operation bring - Broken Fang

After a year, Valve has finally prepared the tenth operation, Broken Fang, which will bring great refreshments, as well as a bunch of new content for players, such as new maps, a ping system, and a new game mode!

The Broken Fang Premier mode is a new matchmaking system open only to players who have purchased surgery. These matches will be played on Active Duty maps, and brings completely new statistics, such as KDA ratio, matches played, and average deaths per round.

If you’ve ever played community servers, you know what Retake is. It is a new game mode, which will connect 7 people in one match. Instead of playing whole rounds, this mode allows you to practice retakes, by having four players in the CT team and three on the T side. The rounds will be very fast and the winner is the first to reach 8 rounds,

As with any previous operation, we get new missions. By solving them through Casual, Competitive, Danger Zone, Guardian, as well as two new modes, you get stars, which will eventually be able to improve your Coin. Does he have a special heart, and at least, but at least you can brag about how hard you were.

Also, we got new agents, stickers, and a new Case - "The professionals". Last year's agents may not have been the most favorite addition to the game, but at least unlike the previous operation, these will not be camouflaged on the maps, since their colors are somewhat different. Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if one day we end up with skins like some other FPS titles, but I hope that doesn't happen. 


CS: GO operation bring - Broken Fang2

In my opinion, perhaps the best addition to Broken Fang is the new Ping system that will work similarly to the one in games like Apex Legends and Valorant. If you are not able to use the microphone, or simply not the opportunity to do so, this is the best way to point out to your teammates where your opponents are.


CS: GO operation bring - Broken Fang3

We got five new maps, of which the most interesting is probably the Ancient, which was immediately inserted into the Competitive map pool, which means that it could soon replace one of the active maps. Many speculate that it’s time for Mirage to take a break, but I’m not sure if that’s also something Valve is planning.

All information about the Broken Fang operation itself can be found on the official CS: GO website.

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