Star Wars Battlefront II free to download!

Star Wars Battlefront II free

One of the best moments of gaming on the PC is the occasional promotion of free games, and the Epic Games Store has been giving away one free game a week for some time. Today, the title was presented on the online store, which continues the holiday tradition of giving. From today until January 21, anyone with an Epic Games Store profile can download Star Wars: Battlefront 2 for free.

Players will not only get a basic version of the Star Wars multiplayer shooter but a Celebration Edition that comes with tons of content with which you can modify your troops and items inspired by the latest Star Wars movie, The Rise of Skywalker. Although the game has a very bad reputation and was not greeted with enthusiasm after the release due to the excessive use of microtransactions and lute boxes, the current price should not stop you from even trying the game.

Despite all the initial flaws, this is still a very solid game in the basics, and the Dice studio has meanwhile been working on it to become the best third-person shooter for Star Wars fans. If it is a consolation, the contract of exclusivity for EA expires in 2023, so the question is probably how much more we will see Star Wars titles from this publisher. It is also possible that this is one of the reasons why Battlefront is free. The company wants to extract everything it can from previous projects.

It costs you nothing to try the latest game from the Battlefront franchise, especially if you’re a fan of this space soap opera, and we’ll see if Ubisoft manages to do something more with the Star Wars deal, as it looks like the company will take over the torch from EA soon.

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