The Medium reimbursed development costs just days after its release

The Medium Game

Studio Bloober Team released their latest achievement in late January, completely unrelated to earlier titles. It is a psychological thriller The Medium, which appeared for PC and Xbox systems thanks to Microsoft's support.

The initial sales went pretty well, even great, as the developer reimbursed the entire production and marketing campaign costs just a few days after the release. This means that further earnings from the distribution of the game will be a net profit for this studio.

Sales went great even though The Medium became available from day one via the Xbox Game Pass service, with a low monthly subscription price. The success of this game in financial form, as well as with the audience, is of great importance for the Xbox brand, as this is the first AAA exclusive for Xbox Series consoles since their release in November.

This Polish developer is delighted with the success he has achieved, but the exact number of copies sold has not been revealed, neither in full nor for the platforms.

As for the exclusivity for The Medium, it is probably time-limited and the game will appear for Playstation 5 consoles after a few months to a year.

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