We have the first insight into the Android 12 redesign, coming this year

Android 12 First Insight

Google should present Android 12 this year, and before the official announcement, we are expecting early beta tests, the first of which should start in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, screenshots have surfaced that reportedly indicate what some parts of Android 12 might look like. By all accounts, Google is preparing a redesign for its platform. The photos come from a document prepared by Google to summarize the changes coming in the new version of Android.

The icons, which are displayed in the upper right corner, provide the user with information on whether a particular application is using a camera or a microphone. When these icons are clicked, a pop-up message is received informing you what each application is using. There will also be a quick way to disable the camera or microphone, at the touch of a button. It is suggested that Google will require manufacturers to use camera and microphone usage indicators when companies release their versions of Android 12.

The Quick Settings icon could change shape depending on the activity being performed (or perhaps its design is not yet final). Currently, only four Quick Settings icons are visible, which are larger and easier to access. The background colors will probably depend on the theme of the application.

Android 12 First Insight 2

New widgets are also waiting for us, such as the Conversations widget which indicates recent messages, missed calls, and activity statuses. At its smallest size, the Conversations widget will show only one activity.

Other features of Android 12 include pairing apps, double-tapping on the back for gesturing, sharing Wi-Fi passwords with nearby devices, and an improved theme system, emoticon updates, and hibernation.

More screenshots are available at the source link.


Source: XDA-developers
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