Alleged details about Intel's 12th generation Alder Lake processors have surfaced

Alder Lake CPU architecture

The Videocardz site came up with slides that offer details about Intel’s next-generation ‘Alder Lake’ CPU architecture and supporting platform. Alder Lake is the successor to the company's recently released Rocket Lake-S processors.

According to the report, Alder Lake will use Intel's Enhanced 10nm SuperFin process and will be powered by the Golden Cove core architecture. When it comes to performance, the slides suggest that next-generation processors will offer a 20% improvement for single-thread over Rocket Lake. This is the result of higher operating clocks or higher IPC or a combination of these two elements.

DMI GEN4 up to 8X

Although the information has previously surfaced that Intel will offer support for DDR5 alongside Alder Lake-S, slides indicate that DDR4 compatibility will be maintained on motherboards with 600-series chipsets, and DDR5 will only be available for premium Z690 models. For DDR5, speeds of 4800 MT / s are supported, while for DDR4 it is 3200 MT / s.

Another interesting detail is the presence of PCIe 5.0 support, which suggests that Intel could be the first in the x86 desktop market to offer support for next-generation PCIe. PCIe 4.0 will also be present. The 600-series chipsets will also support Thunderbolt 4, Intel Optane Memory H20, and more.

Source: Videocardz

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