Apex Legends reached a new record for the number of players on Steam

Apex Legends Steam

Apex Legends continues to record quite huge popularity, especially thanks to the arrival of the 8th season in a row. The biggest increase in the number of players was noticed on the Steam platform, where the title set a new record for the number of simultaneously present players.

Over the weekend, nearly 200,000 players played on Steam Apex Legends at one point, according to data from the SteamDB platform. With this figure, Apex Legends reached 5th place of the most played titles on Steam, surpassing GTA 5, R6 Siege, and Team Fortress 2.

This Respawn Entertainment studio title cleverly uses the Titanfall formula, and the lack of games from that series, which is one of the factors for the great success of the game. Apex Legends is also quite popular on other platforms, and on PC it was originally available through the Origin platform, while it appeared on Steam late last year.

The Switch version of the game is coming soon.

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