Moder solved the problem of loading GTA Online for too long

GTA V Online

The current Grand Theft Auto game was released back in 2013, but it is still hugely popular, primarily because there is no new one in sight.

One of the big drawbacks of GTA Online is taking too long to load, which takes 3-7 minutes from the launch to the very beginning of the game, depending on the hardware. In any case, that is too long, especially for 2021.

Many players were quite bothered by that, and there are solutions and it is quite simple. The Rockstar Games developer didn’t deal with it, but the update was devised by one member of the rather large community of moderators behind GTA 5.

Moder T0ST recently published an article claiming that it shortened the loading time of GTA Online by as much as 70%, and explained how it came about. He discovered that during the process of loading files, the system does unnecessary things and passes through the database, which has over 63,000 items, rather slowly. Rockstar is responsible for this, as it badly created the so-called JSON parser, and moder offers a solution in the form of a .dll file that significantly solves the problem.

With the shortcomings fixed, the loading time has been shortened from about 6 minutes to just a minute and 50 seconds, and this solution is available easily to download. The problem is that these are multiplayer components and you can easily get banned if you mess with these changes, or you can ruin your saved files.

T0ST approached Rockstar to correct the long load problem and stated that one employee can solve this in less than a day. We hope that Rockstar will see and react to this since everything is on the plate.

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