Electronic Arts pushes great resources into one game - Battlefield 6

Electronic Arts Battlefield 6

The Battlefield shooter series is considered one of the most popular games in the world, but it hasn't been the brightest in recent years. The publisher Electronic Arts are mostly responsible for that, due to its bad monetization practices, which is why Battlefield V had a rather lukewarm reception among the audience.

No one wants to repeat that mistake, especially not EA, which now seems to be doing its best to make the next release, Battlefield 6, any better game. With that in mind, this publisher is pushing huge resources into game development, about which the best reinforcement is added to the DICE study leading the development process.

Studio Criterion has been relocated to work on Battlefield 6 to help the rest of the team and accelerate development that is otherwise hampered by the coronavirus pandemic. Because Criterion was transferred to the Battlefield project, the planned Need for Speed ​​has been postponed, so it will appear in the period after March 2022.

In an official statement on the occasion of these events, ordered over the studies of this publisher, Laura Miel, revealed that this does not mean that Battlefield 6 is in trouble, but that the work is progressing great and only additional manpower is needed.

We don't have any solid details about Battlefield 6 for now, except rumors that the maps will be much more spacious, with servers that support up to 128 players, as well as completely destructive environments. Electronic Arts are preparing the official announcement of the game for this spring, while the release date is planned for the fall or the end of the year.

Criterion works primarily on racing games, but shooter development is no stranger to the guys and girls in this studio, as he previously worked on Battlefront titles, as well as Firestorm Battle Royale mode for Battlefield V. The decision to switch Criterion to work on another project was made easier and the recent acquisition of another creator of racing games, Codemasters.

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