Is the new Assassins Creed moving into the period of feudal Japan after all?

Assassins Creed Warriors feudal Japan

With Assassins Creed Valhalla out for some six months now, it’s time to slowly start intensifying rumors and leaks about the next game from this Ubisoft series, which is expected to come out next year. We’ve already seen rumors of a new potential setting. There has already been talked of Ancient China and medieval Europe, but the new potential leak mentions for the first time another setting - feudal Japan!

Namely, the new leak suggests that the next game could be called Assassins Creed: Warriors and that it could be set in the Edo period, which lasted in Japanese history from 1603 to 1868 (some 500 years after the Kamakura era, which we have in the PlayStation exclusive Ghost of Tsushima).


Additional information says that the new game should present the main and only protagonist in the game, the Japanese "assassin" Akako Shiratori. The plot should primarily be located in Tokyo itself and will be inspired in large part by Japanese mythology and folklore. A new recruiting system is also mentioned, but the information stops there.

According to the aforementioned leak, Assassin’s Creed: Warriors should be a full-blooded next-gen title, which means it should only arrive on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, and PC. Of course, this information (as well as a ton of similar ones that await us in the months ahead) we should definitely "consume" with a certain dose of the reserve.

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