Is the new The Getaway in preparation?

The Getaway Playstation 5

The London branch of PlayStation Studio is slowly announcing its new game for the PlayStation 5. They say the game has "great potential", and these allegations come after rumors that the return of a PlayStation 2 classic is being prepared.

This week, they hired two new studio leaders, making it obvious that the studio is expanding further. Tara Sauders, one of the leaders, who has been part of the team since 2017, said the new project is a high-quality game: “I want us to aim high and realize all our potential. But at the same time, we want to make sure we have a strong emphasis on ethical and self-sustainable game development practices. We have some super strong beliefs regarding inclusiveness, balance, and teamwork development daily. Our next project has a huge potential and we want to use it further by enabling our team to work comfortably and use all its potential to get a high-quality game ”.

But the question still remains as to which game it is. So far, the closest to the correct answer is The Getaway, an open-world action game from 2oo2. a year which has not had a new AAA sequel for many years. Rumors about The Getaway and that one Sony studio is working to revive these series have been around since last year, and this could make a lot of logic, although there is no greater indication of what exactly the London branch of PlayStation Studios is doing at the moment. Let's hope we get more concrete official information soon.

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