Monster Hunter Stories 2 is coming to PC this summer

Monster Hunter Stories 2 PC

Capcom brings a lot of crap in front of Monster Hunter fans, like MH: Rise coming out as a Switch exclusive this March. Of course, the game will become available for PC audiences, but only next year, which means a fairly long waiting period.

Unlike Risa, another game from this franchise that will debut this summer will appear simultaneously for the Switch and PC platform on July 9th. That Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will be available on PCs was announced recently at Capcom’s digital event.

The PC version will bring with it mouse and keyboard support, as well as numerous improvements over the Switch version.

Monster Hunter Stories: Wings of Ruin is a spin-off title that is more focused on narrative. The story is about a group of young heroes who search for legendary monsters, the most famous in the franchise.

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