New Resident Evil Village presentation confirmed for next month, new, action-oriented demo planned

Resident Evil Village action-oriented demo

Given that Resident Evil is celebrating its 25th birthday today, several new articles and interesting things are waiting for you on the portal, and one of them refers to the new Resident Evil Showcase, which is waiting for us very soon.

Capcom has confirmed that the next Resident Evil Showcase will take place sometime during April. The exact date of this event has not been revealed on this occasion, but as we find out, it should be dedicated to Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil Re: Verse games. It has been known for a long time that another demo version awaits us, which should be focused on the action part of the game, and which we should see on all announced platforms, so there is a good chance that we will be greeted by this demo during the new Showcase.

Will we perhaps also see the first trailer for an upcoming movie or Netflix series?

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