Nacon is preparing a whole range of new simulators

Nacon new simulators
French video game manufacturer and publisher Nacon has decided to use the potential of various simulators that have surrounded us for years, and launch some of its similar projects.

Farming Simulator, perhaps the most famous of all "simulators", still enjoys great attention, and it was accompanied by various other variations, from train simulation, truck driving, operations, and the like. This year and next, Nacon will try out the aspect of trains, but it will also "dive" into the surgeon's simulator, as well as running a hotel or a successful restaurant.

So we get Train Life, Hotel Life, Chef Life, Surgeon Life, and Architect Life. Different teams will work on them - Simteract works on Train Life - A Railway Simulator, RIngZero Game Studio on Hotel Life - A Resort Simulator, Cyanide Studio on Chef Life - A Restaurant Simulator, and SimFabric on Architect Life - A Building Simulator. The names of the games themselves make it clear what kind of simulators they are, so the short descriptions do not provide greater insight into the game for now, but we will have to wait for more detailed presentations and trailers soon.

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