Is it a standalone Call of Duty game with zombies in preparation?

Call of Duty game with zombies

We won’t go wrong if we say that the Zombies mode has over the years somewhat unexpectedly become one of the most enjoyable surprises of the Call of Duty series. Year after year, Activision and its development teams are trying to deliver something new with this fashion, and judging by the information available to one of the most reputable gaming insiders and also the most famous leaker, when it comes to Call of Duty games, zombies could soon get a full-blooded standalone game.

When we say the most famous Call of Duty leaker, then you know we mean Tom Henderson who posted an interesting tweet these days in which he indirectly let us know that Zombies will not remain the "third Call of Duty mode" for long.



His claim has been interpreted by many as a kind of teaser for the Call of Duty: Zombies standalone game. Whether this is true or another Activision approach to "zombies" awaits us remains to be seen. In any case, given the popularity of this fashion, we will not be surprised to see a special zombies game.

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