Roguelike Fallback adventure confirmed for Nintendo Switch

Fallback Nintendo Switch

Microids will soon release its hit from the PC, the roguelike adventure Fallback, for the Nintendo Switch as well.

Fallback came out on Steam back in 2019, and a big update of the name Uprising came out in October last year. The vice president of Microids, Vincez Dondaine, announced that they are extremely glad that the game will find its place in the offer of Nintendo Switch games. They believe that the game will meet a lot of fans on that console, and we will see the truth of that at the end of the year when the Switch version comes out.

Fallback is a stylish action platformer, which combines a unique 2.5D art style with a healthy dose of roguelike elements. His plot is set in a post-apocalyptic world, in which all of humanity lives below the surface of the Earth. The remains of the survivors are forced to live inside a large bunker built by a mysterious corporation. It is ruled by robots, which protect the survivors, not allowing them to leave the bunker and killing anyone who tries to escape. You guessed it, in the game you take on the role of one of the last people on Earth, intending to slip past robotic patrols and killers, unlocking more than 50 different skills along the way, which can be mixed. All of the above, but also shown, looks promising - take a look and see for yourself!

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