Studio Frogwares removed its own game with Steam by applying the “DMCA” law

The Sinking City Steam


Just a few days ago, we wrote about the quarrels related to the game The Sinking City, which the publisher Nacon returned to Steam without the developer's permission, in the form of a pirated version.

Studio Frogwares told the players not to buy their game on Steam because they are not behind it, but it is about the illegal actions of the publisher. After a couple of posts on the official Steam page, which for some reason both sides had access to, The Sinking City has now been officially removed from this platform.

How? The developer enforced the DMCA law over his own game, as Nacon allegedly used content for which he has no right to use. Valve reacted quickly, but the developer states that this is only a temporary solution, as the game can easily be returned if the owner of the platform changes his mind.

This will give them enough time to gather the necessary evidence and present it in court to prove that Nacon did pirate The Sinking City to sell it on Steam.

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