Nintendo could release an updated Switch console with a larger Samsung OLED screen

Nintendo Switch OLED

The new model of the Nintendo Switch console has been talked about for a long time, while there are still no official announcements.

Now we have rumors that have surfaced on the Bloomberg portal and provide somewhat more concrete plans for the Japanese company for a refreshed Switch console. The presentation of the new model should take place this year and it will bring a bigger screen, with a diagonal of 7 inches, 720p resolution, and based on OLED technology.

For the needs of the new screen, Nintendo has entered into cooperation with Samsung, which will work on mass production of the screen starting in June this year. The plan is to produce a million screens during the 6th month of the year, which would end up on console assembly strips in July.

Based on this, Nintendo plans to bring the new Switch console model with OLED screen at the end of the year, just before the holiday season, when hardware sales are simply booming. In this case, it is not stated whether the new model will have stronger hardware, as mentioned earlier, and thus support for 4K display on the appropriate screens.

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console on several occasions last year, and chances are it will be the same in 2021, especially since the Xbox and Playstation are still struggling with shortages.

Who would have thought that this little console could go into conflict with giants like the PS5 and Xbox Series?

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