Watch Dogs: Legion is free to play over the weekend with a massive discount

Watch Dogs: Legion is free to play over the weekend

It only took 5 months for Watch Dogs: Legion to get the first promo weekend during which anyone can try out the game for free.

This weekend, from March 25 to 29, the door will be open to all those interested to try out the Watch Dogs Legion on PC, Playstation, and Xbox platforms. As is usually the case with Ubisoft promotions, all content will be completely available here

Downloading the game files in advance is enabled, so you can start downloading as of today, March 24 in the afternoon.

Watch Dogs Legion did not go very well with the audience, although it brings fresh ideas. Here, every character is playful, the world is one big playground, but unfortunately without a lot of life that kept the players in place. To attract new players, Ubisoft has significantly reduced the price of the game, by as much as 50% on all platforms for Standard and Ultimate Editions.

Legion will continue to grow thanks to a plan to create new content, only a part of the multi-delayed multiplayer add-on has recently arrived, and expansions and other smaller novelty packages are being prepared.P

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