Resident Evil 4 gets a VR version, exclusively for Oculus Quest 2

Resident Evil 4 gets a VR version

Ever since the hackers broke into the servers of the Japanese company Capcom, it was known that a VR version of the cult horror game Resident Evil 4 was being prepared.

Resident Evil 4 VR will be exclusive to the Oculus Quest 2 device. It will not be an ordinary port of play, but the adventure of Leon Kennedy will be played from a new perspective - first person. While some games have been transferred to VR as third-person titles (e.g. Hellblade), Resident Evil 4 will get a slightly different treatment.

How much the change in perspective will affect the game remains to be seen. Resident Evil 4 was known for its limiting mechanics because it could not move when aiming and shooting. But the movement has been key to avoiding opponents, and we all know that movement in VR is still a stumbling block for many games. For now, it seems that VR will bring new possibilities in the game, so we see that it will be possible to use two weapons at the same time - for example, a knife in one hand and a gun in the other.

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