The Epic Games Store shares five games worth a total of € 70 for free

In the last few weeks, games for free have been regularly distributed on the Epic Games Store, but mostly these were some lesser-known titles. But now the offer is again very interesting and somewhat more generous. Three games are shared, one of which is a collection with three titles, which in translation means that you can pick up as many as five games for free.

The trilogy we mention is Deponia, a German point’n’click adventure that began its story in 2012 and concluded in 2016. The plot of that game follows the coiled character Rufus who lives on a garbage planet and dreams of living in the floating city of Elysium. His chances of realizing that dream increase when a sleeping girl from that city falls into his yard and Rufus crashes to his ears along the way. The games from the Deponia series are imbued with humor, hand-drawn graphics, and puzzles that require layered thinking and creative skills.

Get it for free Deponia: The Complete Journey

Another game being shared is also the work of the same team, the German Daedelic Games. The Pillars of the Earth is a somewhat more serious story, based on Ken Follett’s popular novel. The plot takes place in the 12th century, in England, and follows the problematic construction of a cathedral in one small town, a process that over 30 years affects many lives through tensions, conspiracies, and romances.

Get it for free Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth


The last game to be shared for free on Epic until next Thursday is the indie title The First Tree. It’s a third-person exploratory game that follows two stories - in one we control a fox looking for his missing family in the wild and in the other a son trying to get closer to his father in Alaska. 

Get it for free The First Tree

Next week at the Epica Games Store will be even more interesting. The great horror Alien: Isolation (for the second time) and the original card game Hand of Fate will be shared free of charge.

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