Resident Evil Village will receive three demo versions, the first arriving the day after tomorrow

Another Resident Evil Showcase was held last night as part of which we got a new trailer for Resident Evil Village and some other games. But perhaps the most important new information is related to the demo version of the game. Or rather - plural demo versions.

As you probably already know, Resident Evil Village got an exclusive demo for the PlayStation 5 console, called Maiden, two months ago. This demo will remain exclusive for the PS5, but soon there will be opportunities for the new Resi to be played on other platforms as well. Again, preference will be given to PlayStation console owners who will be able to play new demo versions from the 18th and 25th of this month.

Specifically, on the PS5 and PS4 from April 18 at 7 pm, it will be possible to play a demo version that takes place in the village. They will be able to play for a total of 30 minutes, and the demo will be available for only eight hours - until April 19 at three in the morning.

Furthermore, also on PS5 and PS4 from April 25 at 7 pm comes to the second demo version taking place in the castle. And it will be able to be played for a maximum of half an hour, and the demo will be able to be downloaded until April 26 at three in the morning.

It is worth noting that the option to download the demo version earlier is open, so you can start downloading today if you have a slightly slower connection to the Internet, and you want to play the games within the allowed time.

Finally, both demo versions will be available once again on the PS4 and PS5 consoles, but also on the PC and Xbox One and Series X / S platforms from May 2 at two in the morning to May 3 at two in the morning. It will be able to be played for a total of 60 minutes and will include sections in the village and the castle.

Another significant novelty that Capcom revealed last night for RE Village is the additional mod The Mercenaries. The mod that debuted in the original Nemesis and was later very popular in the fourth and fifth Resident Evil will return to the Village as part of the game itself. This mode will be available when the main campaign is over, and the format is familiar - we solve time-limited missions and earn money for better weapons and upgrades.

The novelty is that in Mercenaries you will be able to activate up to three special skills, such as faster movement, stronger defense, and the like. Mercenaries are designed as a mode for players looking for a challenge from Resident Evil, or as a mode that will keep us playing for hours.

Finally, it was revealed to us how the game will be performed in the final version on consoles. The demo version for the PS5 will not be the benchmark here as Capcom now states that the next-gen version with raytracing effects will go at 45 fps at 4K resolution - this is true for both the PS5 and XSX. With raytracing effects off, the game should hold 4K and 60 fps.

As for the Xbox Series S console, it is expected to have 1440p and 45 fps without raytracing, and 30 fps with raytracing.

The PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X will have two performance modes - one for resolution and the other for better framerate. It will be able to be played either in 1080p 60 fps or in 4K and 30 fps.

On the basic versions of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console, the game will only be able to run in 900p resolution at 30 fps, it seems without the option to play in HDR.

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