Wanderer is a new VR game about time travel and hanging out with Nikola Tesla

Wanderer new VR game

Oculus, Steam VR, and PlayStation VR will be richer for another game this year. The announced Wanderer is a game made exclusively for virtual reality and we will be able to play it until the end of 2021. The plot follows the story of Asher Neumann who embarks on a journey through time to change the sequence of certain events and save his future.

Oddboy and M-Theory, the development studies behind this title, promise a unique VR experience. The title will have an equal share of action sequences and puzzles. In Wanderer, we will visit Nikola Tesla, take part in World War II, go to the moon, and visit ancient civilizations. Wanderer is planned as a three-part series and draws inspiration from the television series Quantum Leap and Dark.

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