Searching for games on Steam has again become faster and clearer

New Steam Libary

There are more than 50,000 games on Steam and that number is growing day by day. With this growth, there is a growing problem of visibility and the real challenge is sometimes to find something for yourself. In previous years, Valve tried to get around this with various tricks and filtering searches.

Last year, they experimentally launched a new search menu that includes a “New & Noteworthy” section and a more detailed breakdown by category. Now, these two things are no longer experimental but have become a permanent part of Steam for all its users.

What exactly is the benefit them? As for the New & Noteworthy section, through it, you can quickly get to the list of best-selling games, the list of recently updated titles, upcoming hits, fresh stuff, and current discounts. Through the new categories you get easier access not only to genres but also to game themes - if you are interested in Pixel & Retro games, for example, or 18+ categories, there is now a category for that. It has existed before - but now it is being reached faster.

Furthermore, this menu makes it easier to get to specific things like demos, soundtracks, VR games, controller games, early access titles, etc. Now - given that there are a lot of genres, themes, and other categories here, it is questionable how much clearer it will all be. But it will show the voice of the user over time.

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