The first details about the Resident Evil 4 VR version are known

first details about the Resident Evil 4 VR version

The cult horror title Resident Evil 4, according to audience votes in our poll the best part of the Capcom series for many, will get its VR version this year. We found out last week, and now the game’s creators have revealed the first details of how they plan to adapt the entire experience to virtual reality.

Like most VR games today, RE4 VR will be able to be played in a standing or sitting position. Of course, it will be played from a first-person perspective. There will be several ways to move - from fluid to teleportation for those with a weaker stomach. The game will be refined with new mechanics, so weapons and objects in the world will have physical properties - in translation, weapons and objects will not be able to be collected at the touch of a button, but will have to be reached with a wave of the hand.

Weapons will be able to be changed outside the inventory, and the novelty is that there will be the use of two weapons at once - each in one hand. There will also be an interactive lamp that will be able to manually illuminate dark spaces in the game.

As for the look of the game, the developers say that they have processed 4,500 textures in the game and increased their resolution. All the animations of the characters were made again because the game was transferred to Unreal Engine 4. The cutscene and music remained intact, ie presented in the original format.

Resident Evil 4 VR comes exclusively for Oculus Quest 2. The release date has not yet been precisely determined.

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