The action RPG Tales of Arise got a release date

RPG Tales of Arise got a release date

Just as it was announced earlier this year, with spring came the release date for Tales of Arise. A new chapter of this long-running series will be played from September 9, 2021, on PlayStation and Xbox platforms and a day later on PC.

In addition to the release date, publisher Bandai Namco has also honored us with a new gameplay preview that we are transmitting below these lines.

For those players who may not even remember the announcement of this title, Tales of Arise is an action RPG powered by Unreal Engine 4. Also, the game will introduce us to dynamic action and an upgraded combat system within which is the classic Tales gameplay. What exactly this means, we will still have to wait for more information or try it out in the game itself when it becomes available.

As this is a new sequel, we will be greeted by a completely new story and new characters, and the developers are also announcing top animations that should further enrich the plot.

Unfortunately, fans of the series who would like to play this title on Switch will have to be patient for now because the game has not been announced for that Nintendo platform, but that does not exclude the possibility of appearing one day.

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