The immersive shooter Skin Deep has a new trailer

After a long time, the immersive shooter Skin Deep or Die Hard in space, has a new display and publisher behind him. Annapurna Interactive will take care of additional promotion and other publishing things, and they have interesting upcoming and released games behind them.

Skin Deep is the new title of the creator of Quadrilateral Cowboy’s game, whose retro-futuristic visual style will be applied here as well. However, this is not the main element by which this game stands out, but a sandbox approach with an action located in a spaceship within which we can alert our opponents by sneezing.

There will be more sneaking, crawling through vents, using a colorful palette of items, sabotage, shooting, robot control and we will all do it without shoes on our feet. Of course, we should not forget about cats either, because they will also be in the game with space pirates, which will make our job harder.

It is not yet known when we will play this title which was announced three years ago.

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