The writer and director of Days Gone sharply told the players why they didn’t get a sequel

Days Gone ps5

Last week, game designer David Jaffe hosted John Garvin, director, and writer of Days Gone on his YouTube channel, where he asked if Days Gone came to life as part of a free PlayStation Plus collection of 20 games on the PlayStation 5.

"If you love the game, buy it at the full damn price. I can't count how many times I've heard from players that they grabbed games at a discount, through services like PS Plus and the like. "- said John Garvin. When asked by Jaffe how the players will know if the game is good before they try it, Garvin adds in the same style: "They won't know, but don't be surprised if the game doesn't get a sequel because they didn't want to support it on the way out." He also compared God of War, whose sales exploded on the way out, while Days Gone simply did not experience the same.

In a four-hour interview, Garvin also referred to the problems with game piracy, which he said Sony once ignored at a time when Bend Studio was working on the Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror game, which was then illegally downloaded by more than 200,000 players. He also confirmed that the dismissal he received at Bend Studio was not related to the development and sales results of Days Gone, but to his abrupt character who found it increasingly difficult to fit in as the development team grew.

We’ve recently learned that the band’s zombie adventure Days Gone is unlikely to get a sequel - Sony has reportedly rejected the idea and moved part of the team to help Naughty Dog develop a new Uncharted. Jeff Ross, also the director of the game, also recently guest-starred at Jaffe when he talked about Days Gone 2 is supposed to be a cooperative game.

A petition has also appeared on the Internet demanding that players continue - a figure with more than 30,000 signatures has already been collected.

The original also finally got a release date on PC (May 18) so we wonder if Sony, which hasn’t officially confirmed anywhere that the sequel is 100% discarded, will give up anyway?

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