You have to kill over 700 people to complete GTA 5

GTA 5 Minimum Kills to complete game

Grand Theft Car Games are known for trampling, shoeing, shooting, creative killings, and violence in general. But what if you try GTA 5 to play as a pacifist?

To go through the GTA story five from the beginning to the end of some death will certainly be inevitable, but if you try not to kill innocent people and reduce the number of killed enemies to a minimum - by the end of the game you will still kill over 700 people. Specifically, the minimum number of people you have to kill during the campaign is 726.

This was counted by the team from the Youtube channel Sex-positive Gamer, for whom this is not the first attempt to discover the minimum number of murders in a game. With the same counter in mind, they have already played games like Half-Life 2, Mass Effect 2, and Max Payne 3.

And it turns out that those 726 forced murders in GTA 5 aren’t that high. For example, in Mass Effect 2 you have to kill 837 individuals, in Half-Life 2 751 of them, and Max Payne 3 as many as 1216 people.

By the way, the killer of the softest heart in GTA 5 is Michael with whom you only have to kill 172 people during the game. Franklin is the most brutal with a minimum of 295 homicides, and crazy Trevor has to kill at least 258 people. Another murder at the very end of the game is attributed to all three.

Not to mention words, there is a video documenting all these murders in the game, and in the description of the video on YouTube, you can read all the details about how the murders were counted and what was the approach to playing during this high pacifist experiment.

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