We found out which PS Plus games await us in May

We found out which PS Plus games await us in May

Sony has officially confirmed the PS Plus games for May:

Battlefield V, Stranded Deep, and Wreckfest: Drive Hard. The Last (PS5).

It seems that Sony has overtaken all PS Plus subscribers, agreed with THQ Nordic, and such a great Wreckfest is coming to us in May for free exclusively for PS5 console owners. They also confirmed that you don't get the PS4 version of Wreckfest with this.


The game for all owners of PS4 consoles follows - Battlefield V. It is understandable that Battlefield V is free this month since to EA, the first look and announcement for Battlefield VI await us in May. Do you also feel some exclusive agreement in the air between Sony and EA?

The last game that is free for all PS4 console players is Stranded Deep. Stranded Deep is an open-world adventure where you test your survival skills. After a mysterious plane crash, you find yourself on the Pacific coast, alone, without help, and you have to be ready for anything to survive. 

We would also like to remind you that the deadline for downloading all the PS Plus games we had is April to May 3, 2021.

What do you think of PS Plus games for May?

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