Back 4 Bloodu - Game Director AI

Back 4 Bloodu -Orge - Game Director AI

We’re playing a spiritual sequel to Left 4 Dead later this year, and the team from Turtle Rock Studios continues to delight with each new show of Back 4 Blood.

Today, they introduced a card system, but not as in other games. The card system will ensure that each transition of this game is unique, the cards represent events in the game such as additional hordes of zombies, special beasts (like Ogres from the cover image), or tasks that you must complete through the level.

Back 4 Bloodu - Deck Menager - Game Director AI

Before each round, you will be able to select a set of cards (which the Game Director will discard at his discretion) and select your own set of cards.


They are managed by the so-called Game Director, an AI that tracks what you do in the background, the amount of health and decisions, and then corresponds to the so-called. corruption cards with additional challenges, traps, special Riden mutations.

But the Director is not the only one who has the cards. The players will have them too. Cards will be collected through gameplay and will be used to respond to artificial intelligence moves, so add buffs such as faster reloading, more damage, health regeneration, endurance…

Sounds confusing, but the thing looks interesting, so we recommend you watch the trailer below. Most important of all - the developers promise that the cards will not come in the form of microtransactions.

In late March, Back 4 Blood was postponed from the summer to October 12 this year when we will play it on all current platforms except Switch. Quite enough time to gather the team.

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