Days Gone on PC will not have ray tracing effects or support for DLSS

Days Gone on PC will not have ray tracing effects or support for DLSS

There are ten days left until the release of Sony's Days Gone game in the PC platform release. Until now, the details of the PC version were mostly known, but now Bend Studio has explained in detail everything that could interest gamers on the PC.

It has been confirmed once again that the Days Gone on PC will include all the DLC content that was subsequently released in the PlayStation 4 version, namely Survival and Challenge Mode, additional designs for the Deacon motorcycle, and the New Game Plus option.

It was repeated that the game will have support for 21: 9 and 32: 9 monitors, which means customization of the interface and directed animations. It has been discovered that the game will support simultaneous control by different devices, so you can play it with a mouse/keyboard and controller at the same time - although it is probably not practical for anyone, here - there is a possibility that e.g. you combine the movement of the controller and the control of the camera with the mouse. As for the controller, everyone will be supported, from DualShock 4 through DualSens to Xbox gamepads, Switch Pro, and Steam controllers.

What Days Gone will not support in the PC version are ray-tracing effects. Because the game was originally made for the PlayStation 4, and this is a port, Sony Bend did not decide on some drastic interventions such as adding ray tracing. Unfortunately, there will be nothing from support for Nvidia's DLSS technology either, which could disappoint those who like to play at high resolutions.

It was revealed that there will be no switching of recorded positions from the PS4 version to the PC version, and vice versa. As for the option, the FOV will be able to be set to a maximum of 100 degrees, the image blur will be able to be turned off, and so on. Here is the full list of graphics settings in the PC version of Days Gone:

Days Gone PC graphics settings

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