Medal of Honor: Frontline - On this day

Medal of Honor: Frontline - On this day

Earlier this century, Electronic Arts distributed the Medal of Honor series. PC players got such a great Allied Assault, but the audience on the consoles didn't stay short-sleeved either. Exactly nineteen years ago, the Medal of Honor: Frontline was launched for the PlayStation 2.

From today’s perspective, Frontline was just another WW2 game in a row. He went on to tell the story of Lieutenant James Patterson (a character from previous MoH games) who stormed Omaha Beach with OSS troops and later made his way through Germany in search of a secret weapon, the advanced HO-IX spacecraft. His heroism took us on a total of 19 missions.

Medal of Honor: Frontline was well received and is considered one of the best parts of the MoH series. It did best in the U.S. market, where with 2.5 million units sold, it was the eighth best-selling game in that market until 2006. 

In 2011, the HD Remaster for the PlayStation 3 followed, but it did not achieve any success alongside more modern shooters. The series later stayed in World War II with Pacific Assault and Airborne, but eventually lost the battle against Call of Duty and has not been on the scene since 2012.

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