Infamous 2 - On this day

Infamous 2 - On this day

The notable success of the 2009 PS3 exclusive Infamous quickly resulted in a sequel that was even better accepted by critics and audiences alike. Just two years after the first part, we returned to the role of Cole MacGrath, a man with a unique ability to manipulate electricity. However, Cole was a slightly different character in Infamous 2 than in the unit.

He looked younger and sounded different because he was played by a new actor, Eric Ladin. The change came because Infamous 2 used a facial recording technique, and the actor from the first part was just lending his voice to Cole. Initially, the Sucker Punch team planned even more drastic changes in the design of the protagonist for the second part, but the fans reacted negatively to the announced changes and defended the character from the first part.

Another significant change to Infamous 2 was at the scene. Although the story begins in the city of Empire City from the first part, it quickly moves to a new location in New Marais. It was a city inspired by New Orleans, divided into two separate islands. The game was again an open-ended action-adventure, with elements of RPG. She restored the mechanics of the duality between good and bad karma and sent the players to "training" to deal with a powerful antagonist called Beast. 

Unlike the first part, Infamous 2 had significantly more directed animations, while the final punches were introduced into the fight. It was still a single-player adventure, although the developers considered the multiplayer component, primarily of the cooperative type, on several occasions. In the end, players could still "communicate" with each other by getting the option to create their missions and share them via the PlayStation Network.

Infamous 2 was more noticeable than its predecessor after its release. It picked up great ratings and was the last classic Infamous on the PlayStation 3 console. A year later, an expansion called Infamous: Festival of Blood followed that sent Cole to hunt vampires. The Infamous Second Son was later released on the PlayStation 4 console.

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