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Metal Slug Tactics - tactical RPG with roguelike elements

Metal Slug Tactics - tactical RPG with roguelike elements

The Metal Slug arcade game series has so far been almost exclusively oriented towards the 2D shooter genre. But times are changing so we will get a Metal Slug game of a different genre. Metal Slug Tactics was announced last night, a tactical RPG with elements of a roguelike that retains the famous retro aesthetics of the Metal Slug series and shifts it to an isometric perspective.

Such famous characters and series are returning, which includes the protagonists Peregrine Falcon and their opponent Donald Morden. This time, they will fight on the move, but with known artillery. The mechanics will include organizing synchronized attacks for more damage, and the maps will have a different schedule for each iteration of the mission thanks to a procedural generation system.

Metal Slug Tactics has been announced as an exclusive for PC, under the publishing baton of Dotemu. For now, there is no mention of a possible release date.

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