Limbo - On this day

Limbo - On this day

About ten years ago, an explosion of good indie titles started, and among them stood out one who had no chance of success. Some would say that the 2D platformer of black and white aesthetics will not do well in the market of colorful games, but the Danish studio Playdead believed in its vision in which the visual tone closely dictates the atmosphere of the game.

Limbo was essentially a very simple title in which we led an unnamed boy through dark environments in search of his sister. Some recognized hell in those environments, and some didn't understand anything at all because the game had almost no form of narration - it just started, lasted, and (abruptly) ended. The audience was divided, but minimalism became a trademark of Limbo, and the game was ultimately well-received due to the excellent design of the puzzles and the mentioned atmosphere.

After its release, the game won numerous awards and sold beyond all expectations. By the end of 2011, Limbo had reached one million players on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 platforms, and in 2013 versions for iOS and PS Vito followed. Since 2015, Limbo has been available on current consoles and Android, and the latest version, for the Nintendo Switch, was given three years ago.

Danish studio Playdead after that game continued in a similar tone with the platformer adventure Inside, and it seems that their next project will use a similar aesthetic.

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