The last character for Street Fighter 5 has been revealed, crucial for the future of the series

The last character for Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5 is now a five-year-old game and it will likely be replaced by a sixth part sometime in the future. And it seems that Capcom is already preparing for it. Namely, the last character who will appear in Street Fighter 5 will be "crucial for the future of the Street Fighter series", they say from Capcom.

The new character will be American Luke, who comes to SF5 in November. If the look reminds you of the legendary Guile (but not in a JCVD performance), it’s probably no coincidence. Luke hopes to one day be like his father and uses a very similar sonic boom attack.

Given that Capcom said that this character will be part of the future of Street Fighter, it is possible that in the sixth part we will have another shift of generations and that the cult characters will get their descendants - starting with Guile.

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