Windows 11 got a release date

Windows 11 got a release date

Windows 11 will be officially launched on October 5, 2021, it was announced from Microsoft. It was reiterated once again that all Windows 10 users will be entitled to a free upgrade to Windows 11, which also starts from the mentioned date.

But don’t expect Windows 10 to notify you right away on the first day that the upgrade is ready. It will go in stages, and Microsoft says that everyone should receive an offer to upgrade to Windows 11 by mid-2022 at the latest.

There really shouldn’t be much of a rush to upgrade as Windows 11 won’t be launched with all the promised functionality. For example, the promised support for running Android applications will not be present after the official launch of the 5. 10. There is no word yet on gamers using the DirectStorage technology - but there are also no games that explicitly use it.

It has also recently been clarified on which hardware Windows 11 can be installed. As a rule, there are restrictions and there are none. Official processor support has already been listed, but older processors that are not officially supported will only be able to be used in combination with Windows 11 through an installation via an ISO file,

However, Microsoft says such installations will deny future updates and security patches. Many feel that this is a threat that Microsoft will not heed because it would bring them more problems than benefits, but the official statement is now such.

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