The latest trailer for Death Stranding: Director’s Cut has been released, directed by: Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is only coming out in half a month (September 24), but Hideo Kojima was valuable so he has already put together a FINAL Trailer for the occasion. If you follow him on Twitter then you know that he is very happy to direct the trailer and that he is extremely proud of this one.

He filmed it on a PS5 console in a wide format (one of the Directors ’Cut’s novelties) and I would personally say it’s far better than the launch trailer for Death Stranding, which spoiled everything live before the game came out. A lot of things are shown here as well, but the scenes are short and no line of dialogue is heard.

It’s also worth noting how good the game still looks, two years later. The wide camera also helps with framing, and there's new music, which Kojima hand-picked - "A Hideo Kojima curated music". Among other things, he selected two tracks from this year’s Woodkid album. The song Goliath is used in the trailer itself, which is not strange because the video for this song is thematically very reminiscent of the environment of Death Stranding.

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